SRB2 Server

NOTE: Server is not up at the moment. Check back some other time, like when SRB2's netcode gets rewritten :P

LightDash has an SRB2 server hosted on the Master Server! To connect, just connect to in game or look for it on the Master Server. The server is also powered by Terminal. Server Rules:

1. No flaming. Respect other players.
2. No idling.
3. is hosted in the United States and our main language is English. Use it properly.
4. Do NOT register an account unless you a. want to protect your name or b. are a server administrator.
5. Do not ask for server permissions.
6. Keep things appropriate. A few curses here and there aren't too bad but don't go overboard.
7. Don't ask for any wads to be added. Any files added to the server will be decided upon only by Wolfy.

Please follow these rules and help contribute to a great server experience!